All tenants/residents must be a full-time University of Hawaii at Hilo students. If you are found not to be a full time UH at Hilo student your rental agreement will be found null and void and you must immediately vacate your unit.


All tenants/residents will abide by the rules and regulations at all times in this use of the bedroom unit, common areas and entire apartment building complex. Students are responsible for ensuring that their guests and visitors also comply with the rules and regulations. The Resident Assistants will help the property managers to enforce the house rules and regulations.


The owner and property managers reserve the right to make changes to these rules and regulations at any time.


Each bedroom in the apartment is single occupancy only (one person only) or dorm style (2 tenants per room designated by the staff of University Palms).


Furniture: All furniture assigned to a student’s room are listed in the inventory and condition sheet. The furnishings must remain in the room, and therefore, no furniture is to be removed by tenants from the room. Furniture and appliances in living rooms and kitchens must remain in its same apartment unit.


Noise: Each student is responsible for keeping noise levels to a minimum at all times when inside of the complex of the apartment building.


Quiet hours are from 10pm-8am Sunday-Thursday and 11pm-7am Friday and Saturday. During the established quiet hours, noise coming from a tenant’s room and/or their apartment living area must not be audible within the rooms of the others students. The common areas need to be vacated during the quiet hour period. Absolutely no large or loud parties.


Visitors/Guests must leave the apartment complex by 10 pm. Students and their guests are required to conform to the visitation hours. Students are responsible for and will be held responsible for the behavior of their guests. Students of an apartment unit will be held responsible for the behavior that takes place inside the apartment unit and/or complex whether or not the student is present. Each student is permitted to have no more that (1) guest visiting the apartment complex at any time. Any overnight guest must check in with the resident Assistant. All guest/visitors must comply with the house rules and regulations.


Alcohol: In compliance with state laws, no person under 21 years of age may possess or consume alcoholic beverages in their own room or the living area of their apartment.


It is a violation of the state law for those 21 years of age or older to purchase or provide alcoholic beverages for persons under 21 years of age.


Drugs: In compliance with state and federal law, the illegal possession, sale, or use of drugs is prohibited and is immediate cause for eviction. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Smoking: Please have courtesy to others and do not throw ashes and butts anywhere but in ashtrays. (Absolutely no smoking in the apartment unit.)


Security is shared responsibility of the management and residents.


Security Gates-students are responsible for any person they let in the secured gates. The person or persons that a student lets in becomes their guests and the responsible student must make sure that they comply with the house rules and regulations.


No person will be permitted to enter a student’s room without the expressed consent of the student that occupies it, except for the property management or repair person to perform needed repairs. The apartment complex has 24 hour surveillance security cameras that are monitored.


Disorderly conduct: Behavior that si disruptive to orderly community living is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to , throwing items in the walkways, bouncing balls inside the apartments, fighting, pranks, or any other behavior which may cause physical injury or is potentially dangerous to the health and well being of students.


Intimidation/Invasion of privacy: Threatening or abusive behavior will not be tolerated: this includes but is not limited to, sexual, racial or religious harassment intimidation, hazing, stalking, pranks or unwanted phone calls, invasion of privacy, or any other behavior that creates a hostile living environment.


Objects from windows, walkways and landings: Throwing, pouring, or dropping anything (including Keys) from window, walkways and landing are strictly prohibited.


Windows and screens-tampering and/or removing jealousies and screens are prohibited.


Destroying, damaging or tampering with property-Failure to respect University Palms or the property of any other person in prohibited. Persons will be assessed restitution for damages to University Palms.


Theft/unauthorized use of property: Theft of any kind or possession of stolen property are prohibited. This includes unauthorized borrowing from another student. Note students contents are not covered in University Palms insurance Policy, students need to obtain renter insurance to protect their belongings in the event of theft.

Bicycles-May not be parked in walkways, hallways, stairwells, or entranceway. Illegally parked bicycles will be impounded. There are bike racks for students use in covered parking area. Bicycles left on property after a student lease is expires will be removed and will be removed and will not be able to be recovered. If students are returning, please make arrangements with management to keep bicycles on property secured to bike racks.


Firearms, weapons, fireworks, explosive, and dangerous chemicals-possession and/or use of fireworks (including sparklers) , or explosives of any kind is prohibited in the apartment complex. Possession or use of weapons or ammunition is not permitted in the apartment complex. This includes but is not limited to: firearms, rifles, stun guns, BB guns, paint ball guns, bow and arrows, switch blades, knives (except a common pocket knife), nunchucks, martial arts or medieval weapons, and sling shots. Flammable liquids and solvents are not allowed in apartment complex.


Pets: No pets allowed.


Locks: Tampering with or damaging lock mechanisms is prohibited.


Room transfer: Student may not change room assignments without receiving official authorization form property management.


Repairs: Plumbing, electrical, or other repairs that are the owner’s responsibility must be reported to the property manager. Repairs requested is located on 2nd floor office on repair request. The cost of unclogging drains may be charged to the student. Repairs needed to furniture must be reported immediately to 2nd floor office on repair request. If damage is found to be negligent cost may be charged to student. If upon vacancy the furniture is damaged, the replacement cost will be charged to student security deposit.


Walls and ceiling-must be kept in original condition. Removable adhesive strips must be used to hang items. No painting allowed.


Walkways must be kept cleared at all times.


Parking: Spaces under the building and along the driveway are reserved parking only and can be rented on a monthly basis. A deposit of $50.00 must be placed for security gate remote.


Keys: Charge will be $50.00 for each key not returned on check out.


Railings must be kept clear. No hanging of clothes, towels or any other items on railings.


Cleaning of units, including but not limited to removing all personal items, vacuuming, dust removal, removing stains on carpet, floor and walls and general clean-up will required prior to vacancy. If left undone or unsatisfactory a cleaning charge will be made to students security deposit. A $156.25 fee will be applied automatically and be deducted from security deposit for the cleaning cost.


Damages to the common living areas of the apartment that is not listed on the inventory and condition sheet will be charged to all students security deposit, unless a specific student claims responsibility. Each student is responsible for their own bathroom unit.


Please use water, electricity and gas conservatively, students will be charged for the electricity to run additional refrigerator or air conditioners.










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